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Get the answers to every frequently asked question (FAQ) about Grace Land Recovery Center and the programs that we offer! Grace Land Recovery Center is a dual diagnosis treatment center located in the Memphis, Tennessee area. Our facility was created with the intention of helping individuals who suffer from addiction achieve sobriety by getting to the root of their addiction issues.

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  • Q:What is dual diagnosis treatment?

    A:Dual diagnosis treatment is addiction treatment that simultaneously treats mental illness. Therefore, people that need to receive dual diagnosis treatment simultaneously suffer from a substance use disorder and a mental health disorder.

  • Q:How do I know if I suffer from co-occurring disorders?

    A:To determine if you suffer from a dual diagnosis, you must receive professional clinical and mental evaluations. You can receive a general clinical and mental evaluation at your doctor’s office. After being evaluated by your physician, you may also need to consult a mental health professional and an addiction treatment specialist to delve deeper into your situation.

  • Q:Do I have to suffer from a dual diagnosis to receive treatment at Grace Land Recovery Center?

    A:No; even though we are a dual diagnosis treatment center that specializes in treating co-occurring disorders, we also treat standard forms of addiction! So, whether you suffer from a dual diagnosis disorder or a regular addiction to a substance, you can receive treatment at Grace Land Recovery Center.

  • Q:What forms of addiction therapy does Grace Land Recovery Center offer?

    A:Here at Grace Land Recovery Center, we specialize in a large range of treatment modalities. For example, we specialize in dialectical behavior therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, experiential therapy, rational emotive therapy, and more!

  • Q:What type of group programs does Grace Land Recovery Center offer?

    A:We have a specialty clinical schedule that offers groups for mental health, anger management, trauma, relapse prevention, HIV education, nutrition, spirituality, and emotion regulation.

  • Q:What are your services?

    A:Our services consist of group therapy, individual therapy, case management, nurse practitioner appointments, and medication management.

  • Q:What are your business hours?

    A:Our business hours are 9 a.m.- 5 p.m., Monday-Friday

  • Q:Can I call Grace Land Recovery Center outside of business hours?

    A:Yes, you can call us over the phone outside of business hours; our phone lines are open and available 24 hours a day. We aim to respond to all of our calls in a timely manner. So, if we happen to miss your call, we will return your call as soon as possible!

  • Q:What is the admissions process like?

    A:To admit yourself into addiction treatment at Grace Land Recovery Center, you must first receive professional clinical and mental evaluations to determine what conditions that you have. Afterward, it’s best to consult with medical and addiction treatment professionals to figure out what addiction treatment program would best suit you and your needs.

    Then, you can contact us to begin the admission process and receive treatment at our facility. When talking with one of our staff members about your ability to enter into one of our addiction treatment programs, you’ll be asked some questions about you and your journey with addiction. This will help us to determine what treatment program you should enter.
    Be sure to bring up whether or not you’ve already received official clinical and mental evaluations. Also, discuss what addiction treatment programs you’ve already been advised to take. We will take all of this information into consideration when creating your individualized addiction treatment plan.
    After talking with our staff about yourself and your journey with addiction, we will send you some forms that you’ll need to fill out prior to entering one of our addiction treatment programs. Once all of your forms have been filled out and approved, you’ll officially be able to admit yourself into treatment at Grace Land Recovery Center.

     You’ll receive information on the addiction treatment program that you’ll be entering and the time that you’ll need to enter treatment. Then, all that’s left to do is pay for your treatment, either through your health insurance or out-of-pocket.

  • Q:What insurance plans does Grace Land Recovery Center accept?

    A:We accept all private forms of health insurance at this time.

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