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More and more industries are utilizing technology to make life easier for both their employers and employees. The industry of addiction treatment is no different. One way that the addiction treatment industry has been utilizing technology is through telehealth therapy services, more specifically, online addiction counseling for our Memphis residents.

What is Telehealth Therapy?

Telehealth therapy occurs remotely and online between a patient and a therapist. Because telehealth therapy is remote and online, individuals don’t have to be at a rehab facility to receive their addiction therapy and treatment. They can be sitting in the comfort of their own homes and conduct addiction therapy through different technological devices such as their laptops or phones. This is great because it allows any patients throughout Memphis to feel comfortable while still providing the therapists or substance use specialists with business.

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Telehealth vs. Telemedicine

Telehealth SessionWhen it comes to telehealth vs. telemedicine, telemedicine is a term that refers to the remote and online practice of medicine. Thus, the key difference between telehealth and telemedicine is that telehealth services can include both clinical and non-clinical services while telemedicine only includes clinical services.

One example of telemedicine is the transporting of prescription medications to a customer. Transporting people’s prescription medications is a form of telemedicine because it’s a mobile and remote, clinical/medical service. Other examples of telemedicine include the digital transmission of medical imaging, remote medical diagnoses and evaluations, and video consultations with medical professionals.

While all of these forms of telemedicine are different from one another, they are all medical/clinical in nature. Thus, telemedicine services can be educational, mobile, or simply remote through technology.

Telehealth can also be educational and service-oriented as long as it’s healthcare-related, remote, and online. Thus, everything from online healthcare education to online addiction counseling is considered telehealth.

Benefits of Telehealth Therapy for Patients

There are many benefits to telehealth therapy for addiction treatment throughout midsouth Tennessee. Some of these benefits are described below.

1. Greater Accessibility

Telehealth therapy makes attending online addiction counseling convenient for patients. This is especially true for individuals that don’t have any form of transportation or who live far away from a rehab facility. Thus, telehealth therapy acts as an equalizer, making addiction therapy more accessible for patients in Memphis, TN.

2. Flexibility

Telehealth therapy for addiction treatment is also beneficial for patients in Memphis, TN because it allows for more flexibility when it comes to scheduling online substance abuse counseling appointments. Therefore, if a telehealth therapy patient and his or her addiction therapist/specialist agree upon a time and day to conduct addiction therapy that are outside of conventional hours but best fits both of their needs, they can do so.

3. Removes Negative Stigma

Many people avoid going to addiction therapy because they don’t want anyone to see them doing so. This is not a concern with telehealth therapy though, since it allows individuals to receive online addiction counseling in the comfort of their own homes. Therefore, telehealth therapy helps to remove the negative stigma associated with needing to receive addiction treatment for patients in Memphis.

4. Reduces Cost

One major benefit of telehealth therapy for addiction treatment patients is that it reduces the cost of treatment in midsouth, TN. This is because telehealth therapy patients don’t have to pay for extra rehab facility service fees.

5. Access to Online Tools

Telehealth therapy patients even get online access to their past medical tests and records along with charts and graphs on their health and progress. This is valuable information that individuals that are receiving addiction therapy in person will likely not get. Individuals that are receiving online substance abuse counseling will also get to utilize online tools at their convenience to schedule appointments.

Benefits of Telehealth Therapy for Addiction Therapists/Specialists

Not only is telehealth therapy beneficial for addiction treatment patients, but it’s also beneficial for addiction therapists/specialists. Some of the benefits that telehealth therapy provides Memphis addiction therapists/specialists are described below.

1. Provides Access to Wider Range of Clients

Because telehealth therapy is remote, individuals are able to receive addiction treatment and therapy from addiction therapists/specialists who work at rehab facilities that aren’t nearby them. This means that telehealth addiction therapists/specialists have the opportunity to receive new patients from new places and increase their clientele.

2. Helps With Branding

Memphis addiction treatment therapists/specialists who provide telehealth therapy can build up their own brands if they choose. This is a great opportunity, as having a good personal brand could not only help increase a person’s clientele, but it could also open the doors for a person to start his or her own business one day.

3. Makes It Easier to Check In on Patients

Addiction treatment therapists/specialists that only provide in-person addiction therapy sessions at rehab facilities will likely not be able to check in on their patients until their next therapy sessions. This is unlike telehealth addiction treatment therapists/specialists that can easily check in on their patients at any given time over the phone, through text messages, or through video.

4. Can Be Used to Increase Business and Revenue

Addiction treatment therapists/specialists that provide telehealth therapy can technically bill their patients for uncompensated phone calls and extended service hours. Doing so will increase their revenue.

5. Creates Better Patient Attendance

Telehealth addiction therapy sessions often receive better patient attendance than their in-person counterparts. This is because telehealth addiction therapy is more convenient for patients to attend. Ultimately, better patient attendance rates mean more money and business for telehealth addiction therapists/specialists.

Telehealth Therapy for Addiction Treatment

In a day and time when people value convenience, telehealth therapy is a valuable form of addiction treatment. Not only is telehealth therapy convenient and useful for addiction treatment patients, therapists, and specialists, but it’s also effective. This was proven in a 2019 systematic review study by Lin on online addiction counseling. In this systematic review, it was found that addiction treatment through video conferencing was effective.

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Grace Land Recovery is a premier dual diagnosis treatment center located in the Memphis, Tennessee area. Here at Grace Land Recovery, we provide specialized addiction treatment and dual diagnosis treatment programs based on substances and any of their co-occurring mental illnesses.

Our phone lines are available 24/7. You can also visit us in person at our treatment center during business hours, Monday-Friday, 9 am-5 pm. We currently take all forms of private insurance.

To provide quality addiction treatment to as many people as possible, we also offer online addiction counseling to patients. To learn more about the online substance abuse counseling services that we offer or any of our other addiction treatment programs or therapies, contact us today! We are more than willing to answer any questions that you may have

Types of Telehealth Therapy Services

There are various types of telehealth therapy services. This is because people can communicate with one another remotely in many different ways.

1. Video Conferencing

One common way that addiction treatment therapists/specialists communicate with their patients remotely during online substance abuse counseling is through video. By utilizing video conferencing tools such as Skype, Google Meets, and Zoom, addiction treatment therapists/specialists can communicate with their patients face-to-face while still being far apart. Video conferencing is arguably the most effective form of telehealth therapy.

2. Text Messaging

Addiction treatment patients can also receive online addiction counseling with their addiction therapists through text messaging. These text messages can be over the phone or through the laptop.

3. Mobile Health

Mobile health is the use of mobile technology in the form of a smartphone, tablet, etc. to provide healthcare services, including addiction treatment and therapy.

4. Remote Monitoring

Due to technology, telehealth addiction treatment therapists/specialists can inexpensively track biometric data on their patients’ health and alcohol and drug use. This helps addiction treatment therapists/specialists collect accurate patient metrics.

To perform remote monitoring, patients are sent devices to collect biometric data on their own health and alcohol and drug use in real-time. The addiction treatment patients then send their biometric data back to their addiction treatment therapists/specialists.

5. Store-and-Forward Patient Monitoring

During store-and-forward patient monitoring, addiction treatment patients collect their own medical data and send it to their addiction treatment therapists/specialists to assess. Once the addiction treatment therapists/specialists assess the medical data, they review it over with their patients. The medical data of addiction treatment patients can come in the form of images, voice recordings, documents, biosignals, etc.

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