Nighttime Intensive Outpatient Program in Memphis

Evening & Nighttime Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment

At Grace Land Recovery, we recognize that everyone’s journey to recovery is different. While most intensive outpatient programs, or IOPs, take place during the day, we understand that this may not suit your schedule. With this in mind, we offer evening and nighttime intensive outpatient programs in Memphis and the surrounding areas.

Our nighttime IOP offers the same high-quality care and ongoing support as our regular intensive outpatient program with treatments held during the evening hours. We believe that excellent mental health care and addiction treatment services should be available and accessible to all, which is why we work to provide convenient solutions and accept all private insurance providers.

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What Is Nighttime Intensive Outpatient Program Treatment?

Nighttime intensive outpatient program (IOP) treatment is simply standard intensive outpatient program treatment with appointments taking place in the evening or nighttime. The purpose of nighttime IOP is to offer more flexible treatment to individuals who may not be able to commit to several hours of treatment, multiple days of the week during daytime hours.

At Grace Land Recovery, we recognize that it can be difficult to balance the time commitment treatment requires with the demands of everyday life. This is especially true for individuals who are best suited for intensive outpatient programs in the first place—those who need to take care of outside responsibilities and obligations, such as work, school, or childcare.

How Many Hours of Treatment Do Nighttime IOPs Require?

Nighttime intensive outpatient programs have the same time requirements as standard IOPs, meaning you will still need to attend about 6 to 30 hours of treatment a week. These hours are spaced out over several evenings and can be adjusted to accommodate your schedule. In most cases, nighttime IOPs last for about 90 days, meaning you will need to commit to attending treatments several nights a week for a period of about three months.

What Types of Treatments Are Involved in a Nighttime IOP?

Whether you attend a standard intensive outpatient program or a nighttime IOP, you will likely undergo a variety of therapeutic and clinical treatments. Individual therapy is the cornerstone of intensive outpatient treatment, and many individuals also attend various group therapy and counseling sessions.

At Grace Land Recovery, our Memphis nighttime intensive outpatient program includes a range of treatments and therapies, including:

We also offer a full range of mental health services for those with substance use disorders and co-occurring mental or behavioral health disorders, such as anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, and more. Our dual-diagnosis treatment is designed to provide individuals with the necessary tools to develop healthy coping skills, avoid triggers, manage stress, and navigate other everyday challenges.

What Are the Benefits of a Nighttime IOP?

In general, intensive outpatient programs offer numerous benefits—but they are not for everyone. People with severe addictions and/or those who lack strong outside support networks may benefit more from inpatient treatment or partial hospitalization. Despite its name, intensive outpatient treatment is actually less intensive than residential care and partial hospitalization programs (PHPs). As a result, individuals who are struggling with significant addiction issues, have severe co-occurring mental health disorders, are at a high risk of relapse, or simply lack the resources to successfully navigate an outpatient program should consider residential or inpatient treatment.

However, for individuals with moderate substance use disorders, or even those with severe addictions who also have a solid support network of family and friends, intensive outpatient treatment can be both highly effective and beneficial. For those with busy schedules outside of treatment, nighttime IOPs offer even more advantages.

Some of the advantages of intensive outpatient programs in general include:

  • Greater flexibility in treatment and scheduling
  • The ability to return home after treatment
  • Freedom to handle outside responsibilities
  • Access to high-quality treatment and a professional support network
  • The ability to maintain meaningful relationships with friends and family
  • An easier transition from treatment to everyday life

The main advantage of nighttime IOPs is the flexibility they offer in terms of accommodating the patient’s schedule outside of treatment. Many people going through intensive outpatient programs are also working at a job or going to school. You may even have a child or another family member to care for. This can make it difficult to attend multi-hour treatment sessions during the day, multiple times a week. With a nighttime IOP, however, you can attend treatments in the evening, limiting the disruption of your everyday routine and increasing the likelihood that you will be able to continue with the program. This means that nighttime IOPs can be more successful for some people.

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At Grace Land Recovery, our goal is to help people from all walks of life get the critical care they need. If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, and you believe that a nighttime intensive outpatient program may be the right fit, reach out to our team right away. Our intake process begins with an initial assessment, during which our team can evaluate your or your loved one’s needs. From there, we can recommend the most appropriate course of treatment.

Rather than following a one-size-fits-all approach, we personalize our addiction and mental health services to meet each unique client’s situation. We can help you determine if an IOP, including our nighttime intensive outpatient program, is right for you.

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