Woman doing yoga pose

Benefits of Yoga in Recovery

Yoga is a practice that involves the balance of the body and mind. As it requires the person to focus on their energy, learn how to regulate their breath and maintain proper posture, yoga involves many disciplines that individuals can carry into their everyday lives. Yoga can be used in holistic treatment programs for those recovering from drug or alcohol addiction and mental health conditions.

Physical Benefits

As an exercise, yoga is one of the most complete full-body workouts. It requires the activation of nearly every muscle group, making each workout more fulfilling than the last. Yoga can increase strength, improve flexibility and decrease aches and pains, especially those stemming from withdrawal.

Emotional Benefits

Focusing energy inward and remaining present are principles of practicing yoga. By focusing on oneself, an individual can begin to take control of their emotions and become self-aware and self-sufficient. In terms of addiction, yoga can help one to understand addiction cravings, why they are happening and how to manage these feelings.

Energy Levels

Because yoga is a holistic workout, using every part of the body, it increases circulation and blood flow. Paired with an improved quality of sleep that may have been skewed due to withdrawal symptoms, yoga promotes higher overall energy levels. Feeling better throughout each day allows people to maintain clearer heads and lower levels of stress.

Taking Control

Yoga is all about finding balance, and that does not just apply in the physical sense. Through the practice of yoga, one achieves the balance of the body and of the mind. Yoga is a powerful tool that teaches people to challenge obstacles head-on and find inner peace.

Finding Success at Grace Land Recovery

While yoga is an excellent exercise with plenty of benefits for those in recovery, it is not meant to be the only solution. For addiction treatment, yoga is most beneficial when in conjunction with whatever treatment plan your rehabilitation team recommends. To begin your journey to a newer, fuller you, contact Grace Land Recovery today!

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