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Building Healthy Relationships in Recovery

Removing Toxic Situations

If you are in recovery, you know the importance of having a strong support system and surrounding yourself with positive, healthy relationships. However, building healthy relationships with others is something that takes equal amounts of effort and time.

Before focusing on building new, healthy relationships, it is important to remove any that are toxic. Maintaining old relationships with people you may have associated prior to being in recovery could be harmful to your journey. Spending time with the same people you did previously, increases your chances of returning to your old habits.

Enabling vs. Helping

If your loved one is struggling with substance use, it is natural to want to help them get healthier. However, it is common for people to confuse enabling behaviors with helping behaviors because the intent is to be supportive. Someone that is enabling takes on the responsibility of solving problems for their loved one. However, someone that is supportive helps with tasks their loved one may be incapable of.

Evaluate your current relationships and identify if any of them are enabling. If you believe they are, communicate with them and set boundaries to change the nature of the relationship.

Qualities of Healthy Relationships

Developing healthy relationships isn’t always easy. There are various qualities to look for in your relationships to ensure they are helpful and not harmful to your life. Here are some attributes of supportive relationships:


Communication is one of the most prominent components of any relationship. It should feel comfortable to share your feelings, emotions, and concerns with others.

Actively Listen

Before interrupting or planning your next response, listen to the other person. This will show you are making an effort to understand their point of view.

Be Dependable

If you make plans with someone, stick to them! Being dependable and reliable helps build trust in relationships.

Respect Boundaries

Violating someone’s boundaries can be a breach of trust. By respecting another person’s boundaries, you are showing them you genuinely care.

Creating Healthy Relationships at Grace Land Recovery

Grace Land Recovery offers various programs and therapies that provide clients the opportunities to build support groups and healthy relationships. Take control of your life and start your journey to recovery today by contacting us online or calling our team at (901) 519-2655.