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The Do’s and Don'ts of Talking About Addiction

Confronting Your Loved One

Confronting loved ones about substance use can be challenging and uncomfortable. However, substance use doesn't just affect the individual; it also impacts their friends, family members, peers, co-workers, and loved ones. Having an honest conversation is hard, but there are ways to make it a little less difficult.

Here are some do's and don'ts to guide you through talking to your loved one about addiction:

Do: Educate Yourself

Before talking to your loved one about addiction, take time to educate yourself on the different elements that make up substance use disorders. Familiarizing yourself with triggers, signs, and symptoms of substance use will help you better understand what your loved one may be experiencing. It is also essential to learn about the impact mental health can have on addiction by educating yourself on co-occurring disorders.

Don't: Use Negative Language

When you choose to talk to your loved one, be sure to use positive and encouraging language. Using negative language may cause them to feel shame or push them away. It is important to remember that your loved one is struggling internally, so hearing you sound pessimistic may only drive them to continue harmful behaviors.

Do: Be Supportive and Encouraging

Your loved one is more likely to respond positively if they feel they have your support. Express your concern for their wellbeing by encouraging them to seek professional treatment. Research different options they may be open to trying and assure them that you will stay by their side along this journey.

Don't: Offer Professional Advice

The most effective way for individuals to heal from their substance use disorder is with professional treatment from healthcare professionals and addiction experts. If you try to offer professional advice, you increase the risk of harming your loved one, resulting in them losing their trust or respect for you. To best help, your loved one, offer them the support, encouragement, and love they need.

Do: Call Grace Land Recovery

If someone you love is struggling with a substance use disorder, there is hope at Grace Land Recovery. We recognize the complex relationship between addiction and physical, mental, and social health. That is why we use a whole-person approach to address each individual's unique needs.

Reach out to our team today at Grace Land Recovery to learn how we can help you.