Rehab for Women

Due to the many responsibilities that women have, taking time to attend and complete rehab is often difficult for them. Thus, one of the primary goals of women’s addiction treatment is to provide a safe and comfortable environment in which women can focus on themselves. A women’s treatment center also often contains a supportive and understanding staff that will go to great lengths to help their patients recover from addiction.

We Believe in Treating the Individual, Not Just the Addiction

Drug Abuse in Tennessee

Both men and women struggle with alcohol and drug addiction. While both men and women struggle with alcohol and drug addiction, many of the ways in which men and women struggle with alcohol and drug addiction differ. Because of these differences, rehab for women is often the best way for females to receive addiction treatment that truly caters to their needs.

In the state of Tennessee, illicit drugs, such as heroin, are a significant public health threat. Prescription opioid abuse is arguably the biggest drug use problem in the state though.

Tennessee is one of the states with the highest rates of substance abuse. As a result, Tennessee authorities are struggling to figure out how to lower the state’s drug abuse rates.

Tennessee Opioid Statistics

3,379 people sought treatment for prescription opioid addiction in 2010 in Tennessee. Men made up 57.6% of the patients, while women made up 42.4 percent.

Overdose deaths are 71.7 percent of all drug-related deaths in the United States in 2018. Opioid overdoses are common in Tennessee. Because of this fact, the Tennessee legislature has allowed pharmacists to carry naloxone. Naloxone is a prescription drug that reverses the effects of opioids.

Here at Grace Land Recovery, we provide a wide variety of individualized rehab programs. For example, we offer gender-specific treatment for both men and women. Our treatment methods help people who are struggling with substance abuse, co-occurring disorders, and behavioral addictions.

What Distinguishes Women’s Addiction from Men’s Addiction?

The symptoms of addiction and substance abuse behavior vary a bit when they are experienced by men versus when they are experienced by women. That’s why there is such a thing as a men’s treatment center and a women’s treatment center. That’s also why it’s important to understand the psychological and circumstantial differences that exist between men and women’s addiction.

  • Women are more likely to develop a drug or alcohol addiction as a result of living with an addicted partner.
  • Women face much more judgment from society than men when they suffer from drug use problems.
  • Women’s addiction is much more likely to co-occur with depression and anxiety than men’s addiction.
  • Female addicts are frequently exposed to domestic violence or violence in their social circle. Furthermore, over 60% of women with substance abuse problems have experienced sexual abuse.
  • Women are more susceptible to alcohol and most other drugs. Thus, women become addicted to substances faster than men.

Addiction Treatment for Women with Dual Diagnoses

In female clients, mental health issues frequently co-occur with substance use issues. This is particularly true in women addicted to stimulant drugs.

Co-occurring addiction and mental health conditions at a women’s treatment center include:

Addictions and eating disorders in women are frequently linked to feelings of inadequacy and failure when women are unable to meet the unfair standards set for them by their surrounding environment.

Addiction Treatment for Mothers

Another reason for rehab for women is to help relieve the stigma associated with being a woman, particularly a mother, and having a problem with alcohol or drugs. A women’s treatment center greatly assists with this goal. Rehab for women is especially for mothers in general since some women’s treatment centers offer childcare services. Such services are ideal for mothers as motherhood plays a significant role in how women address their addictions.

For the mothers who will have to be away from their children for extended periods of time, it’s important to know that the time away will be worth it. Achieving sobriety will help women be better mothers.

Addiction Treatment and Child Care

Making appropriate child care arrangements can be a difficult task for a mother seeking addiction treatment. Many women use other parents, grandparents, or extended family and friends to assist with childcare.

Addiction and Trauma

Substance abuse in women is frequently associated with trauma. More than 60% of women seeking addiction treatment have been sexually abused as children or adults.

Many women seeking addiction treatment have also experienced domestic violence, sometimes right up until they enter a women’s treatment center. As a result of domestic violence, sexual abuse, and/or assault, victims frequently turn to drugs and/or alcohol.

Living through trauma without professional help can lead to depression. In many cases, women suffering from addictions can harm themselves.

It Is Not Too Late

It is never too late to stop using drugs or alcohol. Rehab for women programs are always available. If you are unsure about whether or not a rehab for women program is best for you, contact a helpline or search a directory to learn more about your options.

Why Choose Grace Land Recovery?

Women are frequently in charge of meeting the emotional, mental, and physical needs of others. However, women suffering from substance abuse and dependency may neglect their own needs in order to care for others. Such behaviors can obstruct necessary healing. Women should never underestimate the advantages of rehabilitation for women.

Here at Grace Land Recovery, our staff is dedicated to assisting women overcome their substance abuse and mental health issues. We provide a variety of treatment options that can be tailored to the specific needs of each woman who attends one of our programs.

Nothing is more important to us at Grace Land Recovery than your recovery. We all know that many people struggle with various addictions, but we also know that none of the people struggling with various addictions are the same.

Attend Rehab for Women At Grace Land Recovery Today

Grace Land Recovery teaches their female patients how to have supportive relationships with other women. This improves each female patient’s ability to listen and empathize. A woman can find her voice for the first time in drug rehab for women, allowing her to define who she is, what she wants, and what she likes and dislikes.

You can begin treatment for addiction and any co-occurring mental health disorder by choosing one of the following therapies:

One of the goals of rehab for women is to build on skills that promote self-sufficiency while also differentiating a sense of self. Rehab for women also helps patients learn how boundaries can cultivate true intimacy and health.

Our staff is ready to assist you in overcoming substance abuse and mental health issues. Our women’s treatment center will provide you with the care and support you require.

For answers to any further inquiries about our rehab for women programs or any of our addiction or dual diagnosis treatment programs for that matter, contact us. Our staff will help you throughout your entire addiction recovery journey.


Women’s Treatment Center

Men and women often begin their relationships with drugs and alcohol in different ways. In other words, they respond differently to treatment and fail to stay sober for different reasons.

Here at Grace Land Recovery, we’ve discovered that men and women have different recovery goals. To help both men and women in addiction treatment achieve their goals, we provide rehab for women and rehab for men. That way both our male and female patients have the opportunity to receive treatments that simulate those of a men’s treatment center or a women’s treatment center while still being able to also take advantage of all the other rehab resources that a dual diagnosis treatment center such as Grace Land Recovery has to offer. Ultimately, having such programs enables us here at Grace Land to provide distinct advantages over treatment facilities that do not provide gender-exclusive care.

Among the advantages of our specialized women’s treatment center program are the following:

Abilities to Focus on Self-Care

Women frequently neglect themselves in order to care for the needs of their family members and children. Thus, our rehab for women program allows us to give women the type of care that they need: self-care.

Learning to Understand and Respond to Emotional Needs

Women can learn more productive ways to deal with stress, triggers, and cravings once they understand why they sometimes engage in self-defeating behaviors. At our rehab for women programs, we make sure to identify and change the self-defeating behaviors of our patients.

Getting to Identify and Address Co-Existing Issues

Many women undergoing drug abuse treatment have co-occurring issues. Trauma-related issues, eating disorders, and other mental health challenges often co-occur with addiction. As a dual diagnosis treatment center, we specialize in treating our patients’ addictions and their co-occurring mental illnesses all at the same time.

Gaining Happiness With One’s Life

Many women experience fell more comfortable being vulnerable around other women. As a result, many women have more meaningful interactions when communicating with other women. As a result, having specialized rehab for women programs can help put women on the road to achieving happiness and meaning in their lives.

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